LTO's Optional Motor Vehicles Special Plates return

Motorists that wish to have a unique license plate can now apply for one with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). This comes after the agency issued Memorandum Circular No. 2022-2335, AKA the Optional Motor Vehicles Special Plates.

This will be applicable to cars, SUVs, AUVs, pick-ups, commuter vans as well as imported vehicles (used or unused). However, PUVs, Cargo Trucks (Private or For Hire), service vehicles (hotel limos, tourists vehicles, cars for rent, ambulances ands funeral vehicles), vintage vehicles, government vehicles, diplomatic/other exempt vehicles (OEVs), and motor vehicles with more than 4-wheels won’t be able to apply for the unique plates. 

The memo states that if you wish to get a specialized plate you will have to get it yourself and not through the dealership. Previously, we were able to ask for help from the dealer when it comes to getting these kinds of plates, but not anymore. 

LTO says special plates are back image

The prices of the plates are as follows.

1. 15,000 PHP for Three (3) Alpha and Three (3) Numeric characters.

- any three alphanumeric combinations + triple numeric except 000, 

- or any three alphanumeric combinations + any three numeric combinations which are not yet issued

2. 25,000 PHP for Three (3) Alpha and Two (2) Numeric combination except 00

3. 35,000 PHP for Three (3) Alpha and Four (4) Numeric characters.

-any three alphanumeric combinations + quadruple numeric except 0000

-or any three alphanumeric combinations + any four numeric combination which are not yet issued as series

You will also need the following as well to apply for your specialized plates.

1.) Duly accomplished OMVSP application form by the owner or duly authorized representative.

2.) Certificate of Registration

3.) Certificate of No Plate Issued

4.) ID of the Authorized Rep or Owner

5.) Authorization Letter from Owner (If Applicable)

The LTO reminds everyone that all requests are subject to approval and applicants with an existing alarm or apprehension in the LTO-IT System/LTMS or PNP - Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) will not be approved. The LTO also states that no OMVSP that carries connotations offensive to good taste and decency or which has sexual, racial, lewd, inappropriate meanings shall be issued. So when applying, make sure you have a clean record and keep that plate classy guys. 

For more information, head on to the nearest LTO office and forward plate requests to [email protected] for verification of your desired plate availability. Lastly, make sure you don’t deal with fixers.