With the entire Metro Manila under community quarantine, schools, shopping malls, and other types of businesses (including government services) are operating in a limited capacity or closed outright. 

But what if you need to have your driver's license or vehicle registration renewed within the quarantine period?

Don't worry as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently announced that they will waive late penalties during the community quarantine.

The order to waive late penalties was made in response to President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to place Metro Manila under community quarantine. With it, the gov't agency is hopeful that this will encourage citizens to stay at home and observe the community quarantine in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

LTO waives late penalties amidst community quarantine image

Under the new memorandum, the LTO directed that:

  1. No penalties shall be collected for late registration of motor vehicles and renewal of driver's licenses which shall expire during the duration of the community quarantine.

  2. the validity of all student permits shall be extended within the aforementioned duration for the purpose of applying for a driver's license

  3. Temporary Operator's Permits (TOPs) which expire on 13 March 2020 can be settled within the aforementioned duration of the suspension.

Those with expired vehicle registrations, licenses, and permits are advised to stay at home during the duration of the community quarantine. Once the quarantine is lifted, those with expired documents can have theirs renewed at their nearest LTO with no extra charge.