Mahindra reveals its vision for an electric SUV that can cover any terrain

Yesterday, Mahindra surprised everyone when they revealed the Global Pik Up concept. Besides having a quirky name, the concept vehicle is the Indian automaker's vision for its next-generation midsize pickup that is stylish, high-tech, and brimming with intelligent features.

But they're not stopping there. Mahindra has revealed yet another concept and this time it's aimed at the all-electric crowd. This is the Mahindra Thar.e, and it's touted to go anywhere on pure electric power alone.

Mahindra Thar.e Concept is a go-anywhere, all-electric 4x4 image

Beginning with its exterior design, the Thar.e features a boxy shape that's complemented by a tall ride height. It has a unique suspension system that gives the electric 4x4 300mm of ground clearance, short front & rear overhangs, and what looks like steel bumpers & fenders. Also worth mentioning are the angular quarter panels, off-road tires, and the square-shaped LED headlights & taillights.

While the concept is only available as a 5-door SUV, Mahindra said that the production version of the Thar.e will come in both 3-door and 5-door versions. The former will have a wheelbase of 2775mm while the latter will have a 2975mm wheelbase.

Mahindra Thar.e Concept is a go-anywhere, all-electric 4x4 image

Mahindra has yet to reveal the electric powertrain of the Thar.e Concept. Reportedly, however, it will supposedly have electric motors sourced from Volkswagen. Even the battery itself will also reportedly come from Volkswagen in 60kWh or 80kWh battery pack configurations.

With Mahindra looking to make 4x4 electric SUVs a reality, the Thar.e may just be a glimpse of what's to come from the Indian automaker.