Several roads in the City of Manila are now no-parking and no-vending zones

Motorists who usually park their cars on the road in Manila, here is important information you need to remember. The City of Manila recently released Executive Order No. 15 of 2022 which dictates roads, boulevards, streets, and alleys where parking will not be allowed.

Manila declares 16 roads as no-parking zones image

A total of 16 roads have been declared as no-parking and no-vending zones. These include major roadways, avenues, as well as prominent streets. The full list of roads where parking is not allowed includes the following:

1.) Juan Luna – from Recto to Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz

2.) Soler – from Recto to Reina Regente

3.) Blumentritt – from Rizal Avenue to A. Bonifacio

4.) Plaza Miranda Vicinity

5.) Raon – from Quezon Blvd. to Rizal Avenue

6.) C. Palanca – from Ayala to Plaza Lacson

7.) Carriedo – from Rizal Avenue to Quiapo Church

8.) U.N. Avenue – from Roxas Blvd. to Taft Avenue

9.) Padre Faura – from Roxas Blvd. to Taft Avenue

10.) Pedro Gil – from Roxas Blvd. to Quirino Avenue

11.) Paz – from Apacible to Pedro Gil

12.) A. Limao – from Quirino to Apacible

13.) Taft Avenue – from Vito Cruz to Lawton

14.) T. Alonzo – from Recto to Ongpin

15.) Zobel Roxas – from Osmena Highway to Pasig Line

16.) Onyx – from A. Francisco to Zobel

There will also be two roads that have been declared as no-vendor zones but have one-lane parking.

1.) Recto – from Asuncion to Juan Luna

2.) Kalaw – from Roxas Blvd. to Taft Avenue

As for Mabuhay Lanes, all such roads declared by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) shall maintain their status as subject to regulations.

Manila declares 16 roads as no-parking zones image

The next time you have to park your vehicle on the side of the road in Manila, better make sure the road that you're not in a no-parking zone.