56 Maserati MC20s affected by recall

By now, you've probably seen annoying cars with bright, strobe-like taillights plying our local roads. In case you missed our feature, here's another reminder of why you shouldn't bother putting those on your car, let alone add them to your online shopping cart.

Maserati is issuing a recall on 56 units of their MC20 supercar after they were found to have flickering taillights. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that the blinking lights could confuse drivers and increase the odds of an accident.

The affected units, which were manufactured between November 5, 2021, and February 8, 2022, were found to have faulty circuit boards on their taillight assemblies and could flicker under certain braking conditions.

Maserati MC20 recalled for blinking taillights image

Starting this June, Maserati North America will inspect all affected vehicles and replace the taillight assemblies for free. Maserati has addressed the issue by fitting the right circuit board for the taillights, and will therefore be able to sustain a bright red light during braking.

This is the second recall issued for the MC20 supercar. Back in 2021, the Maserati performance car was recalled due to a fuel line sensor housing issue, which could leak high octane fuel and cause engine stalling. In worst cases, it could even set the car on fire.

With this, people should know that it doesn't matter if you're driving an econobox or even a supercar like the Maserati MC20. Non-flickering brake lights are a must.