Mazda to have carbon-neutral plants, launch electrified cars by 2035

Mazda has revealed its grand plan for the next 27 years, and if you are a fan of the brand, the words "electrified" and "smart" are enough to get you excited about what is coming from the Japanese automaker.

Mazda wants to achieve total carbon neutrality by 2050, and they will start at the production level with a target of having carbon-neutral factories across the globe by 2035. The keys to achieving this will be energy conservation, a shift to renewable energies, and the use of carbon-neutral fuels.

Mazda currently uses a mild-hybrid technology in a few of its vehicles. In the Philippines, they offer the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback hybrid and the CX-30 hybrid. The plan in the next seven years is to introduce a new hybrid system before 2030, including a full EV (electric vehicle) for the Chinese market and a battery EV global model. This effort is expected to push Mazda EV global sales from 25 to 40 percent.

Mazda will present a new hybrid system, full-EV before 2030 image

More driver-assist technologies are also on the docket for Mazda to ensure that their vehicles are not the cause of fatal accidents by 2040. To achieve this, they will invest in training digitally-proficient personnel capable of easily utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) and IT (information technology) to research and develop human-centered advanced driver assistance technology.

These are lofty goals for Mazda in (what feels like) a short amount of time. But if they pull it off, it will be good for the industry, the motorists, and the environment.