Mitsubishi to showcase concept MPV at JMS 2023

Just recently, Mitsubishi Motors revealed the theme of their booth for the upcoming 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as Tokyo Motor Show), which focuses on exploring the outdoors.

The manufacturer teased an image showing a group of adventurers, as well as the silhouette of what looks like a future Mitsubishi vehicle. With the Japan Mobility Show inching closer to its opening day, Mitsubishi has revealed it will be an electrified crossover MPV concept.

Mitsubshi teases electrified crossover MPV concept for Tokyo 2023 image

While they only showed the rear end of the concept car in their new teaser image, the exterior elements show that it still has the makings of becoming the next-generation Delica.

Mitsubishi said the electrified crossover MPV will combine the road handling of an SUV with the comfort and user-friendliness of an MPV. Furthermore, the concept will feature a spacious cabin that can handle all kinds of adventures.

As for its go-anywhere capabilities, the electrified crossover MPV will have a high ground clearance, an electric four-wheel drive system, and large-diameter tires to take on anything in its path, whatever the weather may be.

Mitsubshi teases electrified crossover MPV concept for Tokyo 2023 image

Along with the electrified crossover MPV, Mitsubishi Motors is set to showcase a 10-car lineup, which includes another concept called the Last 1-mile Mobility vehicle, existing production vehicles such as the Outlander PHEV, the Delica D:5, as well as the debut of the all-new Triton in Japan.

The 2023 Japan Mobility Show starts on October 26 at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center.