Mitsubishi confirms all-new Strada will come out before XFC Concept

There's good reason to get excited about Mitsubishi; specifically the Strada or Triton depending on your market. We may even be a few days or months away from its grand reveal.

Mitsubishi Motors has outlined its three-year business plan called “Challenge 2025”, which will see the brand focus most of its resources on the ASEAN and Oceania markets as its growth drivers. Their plans include rolling out several models by the year 2025. And yes, that includes the next-generation Strada and its PPV twin, the Montero Sport.

Next-gen 2023 Mitsubishi Strada coming very soon image

Based on the presentation, we are excited to see that the all-new Triton/Strada is coming out very soon, as Mitsubishi's timeline puts the next-generation pickup truck's launch before the production model of the XFC. So how soon exactly? It could be between this month to August's Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) where the XFC will be launched as confirmed by our insiders.

Next-gen 2023 Mitsubishi Strada coming very soon image

In addition, the presentation also sees the all-new Strada's visible light signature in its LED headlights for the first time. The side profile was also partly bared, and we're confirming the new model, or at least some of its variants will have a sport bar.

Meanwhile, the Montero Sport will come at a much later date. Mitsubishi pegs the PPV for a 2025 debut.