Motul Philippines introduces new 8100 Power engine oil at 2023 Trans Sport Show

Motul with distributor Infiniteserv International officially launched the new 8100 Power 100% synthetic ester engine oils at the 2023 Trans Sport Show.

At the launch was Mr. Philippe Chul, Motul Asia Pacific Sales Director for South East Asia and Oceania; Mr. Peter Yung, Marketing Head for Infiniteserv International; Motul PH ambassadors Inigo Anton and Chenee Ang-Jimenez.

Motul 8100 Power engine oil launched in the PH image

"This latest product, uniquely formulated by Motul aims to target users with an attitude for performance who are looking for an extra boost to their everyday driving experience," said Chul.

The new engine oil is targeted at the road-going daily use performance segment where discerning customers look for extra performance in their daily drive. The new product was developed based on customer feedback where drivers were willing to spend more on high-performance lubricants and products as Asians in particular have developed more awareness of car maintenance and the need for more protection of their engines.

Motul 8100 Power engine oil launched in the PH image

Motul 8100 Power has been developed as a fully-synthetic, high-performance lubricant with the use of ESTER Technology honed by Motul's extensive expertise offering smoother engine operations as well as reliability with enhanced protection that combats Low-Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI), and its optimized viscosity brings the best compromise between power and reliability to your engine.

8100 Power has been formulated for vehicles that require API SP-grade lubricants; it is recommended and has been tested extensively for road-going high-performance vehicles at manufacturer-recommended drain intervals.

Motul 8100 Power engine oil launched in the PH image

"We at Infiniteserv International strive to bring the best products that match or exceed customer needs. The new Motul 8100 Power is positioned in between the top-shelf 300V series for motor racing and the 8100 X-series for customers who demand a premium lubricant for daily use," said Yung

Motul 8100 Power engine oil launched in the PH image

Motul 8100 Power will be available in four viscosities – 0W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 5W-50 (in 1L and 5L pack sizes) which are applicable to a wide range of road-going car engines.

The new high-performance 100% synthetic ester engine oil is inspired by the competition and specially designed for Gasoline or Diesel engines, tuned or high performance, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, indirect or direct injection, and operating over a wide range of engine revs and temperatures, in the most severe road or racing conditions.

Motul 8100 Power will be available at the Motul PH Flagship Store at 26 Kabignayan Street, near corner Banawe Avenue, Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City, and premium Motul dealers nationwide.