Changan CS55 Luxe can be yours for PHP 1.310M

Recently, Changan Auto held a big brand launch under its new distributor, Inchcape Philippines. It was there that they announced their grand plans for the Philippine market, along with the launch of the all-new X7 Plus that's basically taking the place of the CS75 Plus in the lineup.

But while the event, and the new 7-seater SUV were the main talk of the town, there's a particular model and variant that has slipped under the radar, but is just as promising as Changan's newest offerings.

New Changan PH distributor brings back CS55 Plus Luxe with lower SRP image

We're talking about the Changan CS55 Plus and its top-of-the-line variant called Luxe. It was launched last year by the brand's previous distributor, and we had a lot of good things to say about it when we took it on a drive to Baguio City.

The CS55 Plus Luxe came with all the bells and whistles. It had a full suite of ADAS features, a power tailgate, as well as a nicer-looking set of wheels than the Hype variant. However, back then its pricing got too close to the UNI-T crossover that came after it, which may have been one of the reasons why the former distributor of Changan stopped offering the top-spec Luxe.

New Changan PH distributor brings back CS55 Plus Luxe with lower SRP image

But under its new distributor, Changan has found a way to bring back the CS55 Plus Luxe – and along with it is a lower SRP. Back when it was launched in 2022, the CS55 Plus Luxe had an introductory price of PHP 1.389 million; now it retails for PHP 1.310 million, and it appears to have not lost any of its impressive interior and exterior equipment.

This gives Changan a wider cushion in terms of pricing as the UNI-T crossover sells for PHP 1.679 million. Along with the CS55 Plus Luxe, the mid-spec Hype gets its own price slash as well. From PHP 1.348 million, the Hype variant can now be yours for PHP 1.279 million.