Nissan Patrol Warrior concept in the works

When it comes to 4x4s, Nissan is undoubtedly one of the most popular. And of their trucks and 4x4s, the Warrior name is perhaps the most striking. It's also the most coveted, as they actually haven't made one yet for sale to the public.

They have been teasing us with the Titan Warrior concept (but they never sold it), and there are rumors of an upcoming Navara Warrior, but now they're looking at something new: Patrol Warrior.

Nissan Patrol Warrior concept unveiled image

Nissan is reportedly working a Patrol Warrior concept car in Australia, and for now all we have is a sketch. The actual vehicle is still being kept under wraps and out of the public eye until its confirmed production.

If the sketch is to be Nissan Patrol Warrior, then we can expect a blacked out grill, a new 3D Warrior lettering found on the tailgate, and the current 5.6-Litre V8 found in the current model. That runs contrary to rumors of Nissan developing a new V6 twin turbo petrol engine for the Patrol.

Despite being based on the current Nissan Patrol model, the Warrior version concept will likely have wider wheelarch flares, a new alloy design wheel wrapped with off road tires and raised suspension. The interior of the concept vehicle was also reportedly seen with a new infotainment system and black wood accents. This is probably similar to the dashboard in the Philippine-spec Patrol Royale as the Australian-spec Patrol still has the older interior.

Executives from Nissan Australia were reported to have gone to great lengths to get the ball rolling on the Nissan Patrol and Navarra Warrior Program and are very hopeful to get the nod of Nissan Japan. Sources also said that if Nissan Japan approves of the Warrior concept, Ford Performance Vehicles firm Premcar will complete final assembly of the Patrol Warrior with upgraded components in Melbourne and should reach the showrooms in 2023.