Toyota launches Kinto Factory in Japan

It often takes a few years before automakers replace a vehicle with a new model. But rather than replacing it entirely, they update the tech found in these vehicles more often. That’s why sometimes a 2020 model year vehicle will have different features and specs over a 2019 or 2021 model. Toyota, however, wants to change that by updating its older models with the latest tech.

The service is called Kinto Factory, and it’s being rolled out by Toyota in Japan this January 2022. Kinto Factory will offer two services at first – Upgrading and Remodeling.

The automaker defines 'Upgrading' as retrofitting safety and convenience functions, such as emergency braking assist, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and even tailgate kick sensors. Meanwhile, 'Remodeling' involves the replacement and refreshing of interior and exterior items that have been worn out or damaged. These can include upholstery, seat cushions, and even the steering wheel.

Toyota’s new service will retrofit older cars with new tech image

A third service will be added later on – Personalization, but no specific details were disclosed. However, it does take into account when the customer drives along with his/her individuality and taste.

Only a few Toyota models are currently eligible for Kinto Factory – the Aqua, Prius, Prius Alpha, Alphard, and Vellfire. Interestingly, Lexus vehicles are also included. So far, only the UX and the NX are part of the list. However, expect more models (both Toyota and Lexus) to be added to the list as the service evolves and grows.

For those living in Japan, the Kinto Factory service is already available at select Toyota dealerships. The automaker did not announce plans to offer Kinto Service outside of Japan yet. However, they are considering its possibility. That said, do you think the automaker should offer it in the Philippines?

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