Nissan commemorates 50th anniversary of 240Z's East African Rally victory with custom Juke

Earlier this month, we found out that Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) has stopped offering the Juke to the local market. With it, the automaker now only sells the X-Trail, Terra, and Patrol Royale SUVs. It could mean that Nissan is preparing for the eventual launch of the all-new Kicks that was (unofficially) confirmed for the PH market.

But does this mean the Juke is already dead? Not exactly, as the automaker is still offering it elsewhere around the world. The automaker launched the second-generation model in late 2019 and gave it a brand new look, inside and out.

Nissan just turned the Juke into a badass rally car image

More recently, however, Nissan built (or rather, rendered) a new concept of the Juke to pay tribute to a rally legend. Called the Juke Rally Tribute Concept, it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 240Z's East African Rally victory.

Using a standard Juke as a base, Nissan gave the crossover more than just an aesthetic upgrade. It gets flared wheel arches that house bigger wheels and tires. It also received revised front and rear fascias that reduce the overhangs. Circular LED lamps attached to the hood of the Juke Rally Tribute Concept complete the Safari Rally look. The rear glass, meanwhile, has been removed to make it into a tire rack.

Nissan just turned the Juke into a badass rally car image

But what is perhaps the most striking feature of this Juke is its livery. Like the 240Z that won the East African Rally 50 years ago, the Juke sports the same colors and decals as the rally-winning coupe. The red exterior paint, blacked-out hood, #11 decal, and the old-school Shell logo complete the tribute.

“The Juke Rally Tribute Concept celebrates an iconic moment in Nissan's heritage, with the participation and victory of the legendary 240Z in the East African Rally in 1971. As well as celebrating that victory, it reflects Nissan's pioneering history in crossovers, striking design, and electrified powertrains. We're delighted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the victory of that remarkable achievement with these striking images,” said Coralie Musy, vice president of Brand and Customer Experience, Nissan Automotive Europe.

Nissan just turned the Juke into a badass rally car image

Will Nissan build a Juke built for rallying? For now, it seems the Juke Rally Tribute Concept will remain as renders. But should the company think about joining rally racing, will the Juke make a good rally car?