Nissan Philippines wants to further promote use of EVs in PH

Nissan wants to make the ASEAN region a cleaner and safer place. It’s why the automaker has expanded its Blue Switch initiative to the region. Yes, that includes the Philippines.

The Nissan Blue Switch initiative was first introduced in Japan in 2018. It’s effectively the next phase of the company’s electrification plans built on their “Nissan Ambition 2030” vision. The endeavor focuses on partnering with government and private stakeholders to promote and encourage the use of electric vehicles to address various social concerns – from disaster relief efforts to providing energy management solutions.

What does that mean for us? Expect Nissan Philippines to further promote and push for electric vehicles in the country even more. The automaker has already introduced the Leaf EV last year and it has been going around the country to promote eco-tourism with help from the Department of Tourism (DOT). The EV even assisted in disaster relief during Typhoon Odette. Nissan and Cebu City Councilor Nestor Archival used the Leaf to provide electricity for residents to charge their mobile phones.

Nissan introduces Blue Switch initiative in the Philippine image

“When we integrate EV technology into society, we can unify people, systems, and our goals as a nation. EVs can boost tourism, protect the environment, help us respond to emergencies faster, and help enrich the lives of many people. We are looking to turn this dream into reality this 2022 and we can do this by working together,” says Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines president and Managing Director.

The Philippines might be lagging behind when it comes to electrification and EVs, but Nissan has plans to quickly turn that around with the Blue Switch initiative. With that, we’re curious what the automaker has in store for us this 2022.