This modified Nissan Urvan is called the Disaster Support Mobile Hub

With 2023 coming to a close, Nissan is already preparing to reveal several vehicles at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

In fact, the automaker has announced they will be at this year's Auto Salon with a wide array of vehicles. But the one vehicle that immediately grabbed our attention was a highly modified Nissan Urvan.

It's called the Disaster Support Mobile Hub, and it's no ordinary people carrier. From its namesake, the van has been customized to serve as a support vehicle in times of disaster. It comes with plenty of exterior upgrades that include all-terrain tires, a taller ride height to help it go over uneven terrain, a roof rack that can carry spare tires & other equipment, a step ladder on the side, and a nudge bar at the front.

Nissan transforms the Urvan into a disaster response vehicle image

Its most important feature, however, lies inside. While not photographed, Nissan says the Disaster Support Mobile Hub is equipped with multiple sets of portable batteries derived from the Nissan LEAF. This allows the mobile hub to provide power in disaster-stricken areas. Combined with its go-anywhere capability, the modified people carrier can go where no other Urvan can.

There's no word if Nissan plans to make a production version of the mobile hub. More than likely, however, Nissan makes the upgrades available for interested customers. Hopefully, they also offer the portable batteries derived from the LEAF as an option as they could prove popular for those who like to camp with their vehicles.