Looking forward to getting a new Nissan this year?

Well, depending on what model you're in the market for, you could be paying more, the same, or even less compared to last year's prices.

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Perhaps the biggest news is the fact that some Nissan models actually went down in price. The two versions of the Nissan NV350 Urvan Cargo Van dropped prices by PhP 97,000, making them more attractive to fleet customers and business owners. But it is the Patrol Royale, Nissan's gargantuan SUV, that went down by quite a big margin. Since the Patrol Royale falls in a price bracket that is expected to get lower taxes compared to last year's computations, the company was able to drop the SRP by PhP 240,010, bringing down the price from PhP 3,990,000 to PhP 3,749,990.

Nissan Navara Sport

Surprisingly, Nissan is maintaining the pricing of the Navara for the time being. This is unexpected given that pick-ups are excluded from paying excise taxes. Insiders report that there are still stocks of Navaras at dealers that were invoiced (which means they were tax paid) in 2017. Vehicles that will be invoiced this 2018 will reflect the new taxes.

Given the lower pricing structure of pick-up trucks from other brands, there are reports that dealers will give customers more attractive offers to move the Navara inventory; as to what those promos are, kindly consult your nearest dealer. 

The rest of the model line up went up in price. Depending on the variant, saloon cars such as the Almera went up in price anywhere between PhP 5,000 to PhP 58,000, while the three variants of the Syphy had price increases in the range of PhP 49,000 to PhP 52,000. The bigger Altima went up by PhP 113,000, raising its price from PhP 1,745,000 to PhP 1,858,000.

Official: 2018 Nissan Pricelist

In the crossover segment, the sole variant of the popular Juke crossover went up from PhP 980,000 to PhP 1,021,000, a total increase of PhP 41,000. The X-Trail 2.0L 4x2 went up by PhP 135,000, raising its SRP from PhP 1,399,000 to PhP 1,534,000, while the 2.5L 4x4 version went up by PhP 92,000 to PhP 1,820,000 from PhP 1,728,000.

Official: 2018 Nissan Pricelist

Apart from the two variants that went down in price by PhP 97,000, the rest of the Urvan line up showed price hikes all around. The 15-seater and 18-seater versions of the Urvan had their prices raised by PhP 137,000; that's a significant hike given that these versions of the Urvan are geared for commercial or shuttle clients. The increases for the Urvan Premium are somewhat milder given that they fall under a more favorable price bracket; as such, the Premium A/T went up by PhP 96,000 (from PhP 1,740,000 to PhP 1,836,000) while the Premium M/T went up by PhP 106,000 (from PhP 1,670,000 to PhP 1,776,000). 

Interestingly enough, the official Nissan price list did not include the Nissan GT-R Premium which was previously priced at PhP 7,350,000. The price list also did not include the SRP of the newly-launched GT-R Nismo, though Mr. Willy Tee Ten, the dealer principal handling the Nissan High Performance Center, mentioned to AutoIndustriya.com that the GT-R Nismo will cost around PhP 13.2 million.