Expect to see more affordable Peugeot models from Stellantis’ new ASEAN hub

Yesterday morning, Peugeot Philippines made it official, they are now under new management. Under the new joint venture of Columbian Autocar Corp and Astara, they are set to introduce a refreshed model lineup to Filipino customers and open 7 new locations in the country.

The first model that’s already available in the country is the refreshed 5008 for the 2022 model year. With a bolder exterior and more high-tech features, the turbocharged 7-seater crossover aims to attract buyers from other brands and increase market share.

But if there was one thing that impressed us (aside from its looks and features), it would be its price tag. When we reviewed the pre-facelift 5008 back in 2019, it retailed for PHP 3.190 million. The high price tag was due to the fact that it came all the way from France. Today, the 5008 now only sells for PHP 2.260 million; that's a significant price reduction of PHP 930,000.

Peugeot PH to source models from Malaysia image

How was Peugeot able to cut down its price? Instead of getting cars from France, the automaker is now sourcing cars much closer to the Philippines, Malaysia. That’s because Peugeot’s parent company Stellantis took ownership of the Naza Automotive Manufacturing plant located in Gurun, Kedah.

As a result, the acquisition of the new plant solidifies Stellantis’ commitment to expanding its reach in Southeast Asia. More importantly, the new Gurun plant now serves as an important production hub for Stellantis brands, particularly Peugeot. Their current goal is to re-establish supply not only to the Malaysian market, but also to other countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and other ASEAN countries.

Peugeot PH to source models from Malaysia image

Currently, the factory builds three Peugeot models, the 5008, 3008, and 2008. With the 5008 already being sold here, the 3008 and 2008 models might also make their way to the Philippines in the coming months.

Assuming Peugeot Philippines brings both vehicles, expect them to be more affordable than the flagship 5008.