Global launch of the Peugeot E-3008 happens on September 12

Peugeot has been quite busy promoting the upcoming all-new electric fastback, the E-3008, over the last few months. It started with a contest to design the camouflage theme in May. Votes were counted in June, and three themes were selected – Street Art, Optical Art, and Prototype.

In July, the final campaign took place, the #CAMOCATCH operation that urged people in Europe to snap pictures of the camouflaged unit and upload the photo on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to test drive the E-3008 in 2024 with the media.

Peugeot teases hip and high-tech E-3008 image

Less than a week before the launch, Peugeot is giving the world a sneak peek of the E-3008 via a 23-second teaser video. It is not much to go by, but it reveals a few key features to excite the market.

The video starts with what looks like images of the i-toggles and the 21-inch curved panoramic touchscreen that debuted in its internal-combustion-engine-powered sibling, the 3008. The succeeding images highlight key exterior and interior features like the GT badge at the bottom of the steering wheel, the nameplate at the rear, the ambient light panel, the rear spoiler, its new black grille, and the logo.

Peugeot teases hip and high-tech E-3008 image

Peugeot did a good job of covering up the body with the funky camouflage themes, but the profile shows a long hood, quite a bit of a front overhang, and a sleek roofline tapering to its coupe-like rear with a shorter overhang. It will get LED headlamps, daytime running lamps, and taillights, plus blue accents to signify its cleaner and more sustainable power source.

Peugeot teases hip and high-tech E-3008 image

With the E-308 and E-308 SW out last year, the E-3008 coming out this month, and the E-408 and E-5008 in the pipeline, it looks like Peugeot is on track to release five new electric vehicles by 2025.