Are motor shows PWD friendly?

Yesterday, the Chamber of Automobile Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) opened the 8th edition of the Philippine International Motor Show. With the theme Mobility + Humanity, this major motor show that happens every other year (with the exception of 2020) aims to bring to the fore themes such as sustainability in light of modern mobility.

Typically, the exhibitors at motor shows in the Philippines (e.g. major car companies) like to have elaborate displays on raised platforms. While it is good for the aesthetic of corporate booths, it presents a problem for a person with disability (PWD), and that's what I witnessed over at the Honda booth.

PIMS 2022: The story behind the PWD ramp at the Honda booth image

During the latter part of the opening day, I was sitting at the Honda booth when a PWD on a mobility scooter arrived. He seemingly wanted to get up onto the booth to get closer to the vehicles which included the CR-V, the City, the Civic RS, as well as the newly launched HR-V RS variant, and the all-new BR-V which was being previewed for the public.

The PWD tried to get his scooter onto the booth, to no avail. There was no ramp for the booth that was probably about 3 inches up from the World Trade Center Manila floor.

I relayed that observation to the executives at Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), and they moved quickly. Before the opening of the second day (today) they sent me a photo of a PWD ramp that had just been completed for the booth.

PIMS 2022: The story behind the PWD ramp at the Honda booth image

Quite literally, this is what it means when you think of the theme Mobility + Humanity. If that PWD (who we didn't get the name of) comes back, he can now get up onto the booth to check out the cars at Honda.

Like electric mobility, sustainability, and being eco-conscious, PWD-friendliness is something that may be overlooked by establishments. Hopefully, more companies will work to include considerations for PWDs when planning their elaborate exhibits for future motor shows.