Do it right with affordable and innovative adhesive products

Pioneer Adhesives is a company synonymous with affordable and innovative products, the most popular of which is Mighty Bond Instant Glue. But Pioneer is not just for your top-of-mind construction needs such as crafting or plumbing, but also for one of man’s greatest creations - automobiles.

Automobiles just like everything else, also need repair and maintenance. Pioneer has a wide range of "Automoto" products to help you "Do it right". Find out why you should always have Pioneer’s products in your vehicle’s toolkit.

Pioneer: Products For Your Mighty Automobile Needs image

Pioneer: Products For Your Mighty Automobile Needs image

Pioneer: Products For Your Mighty Automobile Needs image


Silicone rubbers are man-made elastomers or materials that have both liquid and rubber properties. There are several types of silicone rubber, with Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) as one of the most common and often used by mechanics and DIYers when building or maintaining, or repairing engines.

From the term “Room Temperature”, these products cure upon exposure to room temperature forming a silicone rubber gasket. They have the ability to resist weather and aging, as well as withstand the thermal cycle and the heat of an engine without hardening or cracking.

RTV sealants are used throughout the engine, sealing all kinds of leaks; making them a handy tool for gearheads. In layman’s terms, your very own mechanic refers to these products as “gasket makers”.

Of course, vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, so Pioneer’s Mighty Gasket RTV Silicone range caters to different needs!

All Mighty Gasket RTV Silicone products are ready-to-use and cure to a tough, rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air at room temperature. They have superior temperature resistance and outstanding weather ability. They are leak-proof, strong, extremely durable, and permanently flexible, replacing and outperforming conventional rubber, cork, paper felt asbestos gaskets, therefore making them the mighty Tibay tool for your engine and vehicle needs.

The Mighty Gasket Black RTV Silicone and Mighty Gasket Grey RTV Silicone are typically used on smaller engines, such as for cars and SUVs. They are heat resistant for extended periods up to 232 degrees Celsius and for shorter periods up to 260 degrees Celsius. They are both commonly applied on the engine’s cylinders and valve covers. These small fit-in-your-pocket products would be well worth having around when you’re gearing up for a drive.

Speaking of fit-in-your-pocket products, the Mighty Gasket Red RTV Silicone is no exception! It contains phenomenal powers in an itty-bitty tube. Just like its other colored companions, this red variant contains all the same benefits but is specially designed for higher temperatures.

The Mighty Gasket RTV Red RTV Silicone is resistant for extended periods up to 260 degrees Celsius, and for shorter periods up to a whopping 316 degrees Celsius. Need a visual for just how high that is? Mighty Gasket Red can be applied for aerospace applications. And on the road? It can be applied to big engines such as those of trucks and buses!

Big engine leaks don’t need big solutions, sometimes they just need a tube of Pioneer’s Mighty Gasket RTV Silicone.

*Pioneer Mighty Gasket RTV Silicone is available in 85g, 30g, and 15g pack sizes.

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Your vehicle is comprised of thousands of moving parts, most of which are made of metal. There is inevitable friction and heat when one metal part moves against another. This can eventually lead to wear and tear or even the heated parts welding together!

This makes lubricating your vehicle essential to prolonging the life of your car, especially the engine. The less friction there is, the smoother a vehicle can run.

And with Pioneer’s RC1 Lubricating Spray, it can keep the moving parts of your vehicle protected and running smoothly.

The RC1 Lubricating Spray is an easy-to-apply multipurpose unique spray formula that can be used for cleaning on any moving parts, as well as provide longer-lasting lubrication and protection from rust and corrosion. You can also use an extension tube for those difficult-to-reach areas. Pro tip: For best rust protection, do not wipe off.

As a lubricant, it also stops squeaks on hinges, sliding doors, wheels, bikes, machinery, equipment, and all moving parts. So if a squeaky noise is making you go crazy, just spritz a bit of the RC1 Lubricating Spray on the annoying object to calm you down!

Pioneer: Products For Your Mighty Automobile Needs image


Maybe you have a rust hole in your car? Maybe the nut holding your license plate fell off and you need a quick way to repair it or else traffic enforcers will catch you!

Believe it or not, sometimes an epoxy is all you need for that quick, cost-effective fix.

Pioneer’s Durasteel Five Epoxy is a fast-setting steel-filled, two-component adhesive that cures to form a durable, metallic mass within five minutes. Five! Minutes! It is usually used to weld and mend metal parts of cars, machinery, and many other metal objects. So when you find yourself in need of a quick fix, this heavy-duty epoxy is a definite go-to!

*Pioneer Durasteel Five Epoxy is available in 30g and 15g pack sizes.

Do it right on the road when you have Pioneer’s mighty and tibay tools with you!

All these Pioneer products are available nationwide at your nearest automotive and hardware stores. They are also available online via Shopee and Lazada.