Imagine the scene. You spot a vacant parking spot then suddenly, you see someone standing on slot, shooing you off and telling you to go find another one. Annoying, frustrating and infuriating, isn't it? It almost makes you wish there was a law against it.

Well, your wish is granted, if you live in Malaysia, that is. Yes, over there, it is now against the law to stand on a parking space to reserve it, as stated by the Royal Malaysia Police. Not only that, there's a hefty fine for those pesky parking stand-ins.

Under Section 50 (3) of Malaysia's Road Transport Act 1987, 'If any person, otherwise than with lawful authority, remains on any road or at any parking place for the purpose of importuning any other person in respect of the watching or cleaning of a motor vehicle, or for the purpose of directing any driver of a motor vehicle in respect of parking on such road or at such place, he shall be guilty of an offense'. The Royal Malaysia Police further said that this behavior is also irresponsible and dangerous as those who do the act are at risk of getting run over or become a road rage statistic.

To really put people off from 'reserving' parking spaces, a maximum fine of 2,000 Ringgit (Php 26,302) will be imposed on the violator. If that doesn't sound heavy enough, those who break the rule could also face a six month stint in prison, all for 'saving' a parking spot for someone else. Should the person be a repeat offender, it's either a 4,000 Ringgit (Php 52,604) fine or a year in prison.