Porsche is prepping an all-electric Macan

Automakers want to keep pushing for more electric vehicles in their line-ups. Almost every one of them is pouring out more resources to develop plug-in models. They are also rushing to build electrified versions of their existing models.

At the same time, car manufacturers know that crossovers rake in a lot of money for them. Because of that, these companies are shoving electric motors in these cash cows. Among them is Porsche, and they recently previewed the electric version of the Macan. It's a sensible move from Porsche given that the Macan is their top-selling model.


It's also not surprising that Porsche is giving the Macan an electric option. If they want to sell more electric vehicles, what a better way to do so by electrifying their best-seller. That said, the Macan EV is not Porsche's first electric crossover. That honor goes to the Taycan Cross Turismo. However, we're expecting this one to sell in far greater numbers.


Per the manufacturer, it is currently undergoing real-world testing to see how it copes with the demands and punishment crossovers take. But before the test mules hit the pavement, Porsche says these models have already done millions of kilometers in virtual testing. Because of that, it allowed them to develop the car faster and more efficiently.

As for the electric Macan itself, it uses the sleeker (and more aerodynamic) coupe-style silhouette. The crossover is still wearing a fair bit of camouflage, but some styling elements peek through the covers. For instance, the front end draws some inspiration from the Taycan. The slim, high-set headlights remind everyone that this isn't the standard Macan. Its front end is smooth to aid aerodynamics, much like its more expensive stablemate. At the back, we see the (now signature) lightbar on the tailgate, but Porsche covered the corners to keep up guessing.


Their goal for the battery-powered Macan is to become the sportiest in its segment, which is a given from the company that builds the 911. With that, its prime competition includes the Audi e-Tron, BMW iX, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and the Tesla Model X. That also means we're looking at 400 PS from the electric Macan at the very least.

When will Porsche remove all the camouflage? Interestingly, it's a rather long wait. Even though they previewed the model already, Porsche will do the full reveal two years from now in 2023. But given the way they're hyping it up, the folks from Stuttgart are very excited about this model.