Porsche sold a record 301,915 units last year

Porsche had a very good 2021 in terms of sales. The German marque managed to sell a total of 301,915 units last year despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and even the global chip shortage. That’s the highest number recorded since the brand’s inception. For reference, it’s also an increase of 11% in sales compared to their 2020 sales record of 272,162 units.

Electric Porsche Taycan outsells 911 in 2021 image

It’s no surprise SUVs still reign supreme. According to Porsche, the Macan is still the best-selling model with 88,362 units sold globally, followed by the Cayenne with 83,701 units sold. Not surprisingly, China remains the brand’s biggest market, with Chinese buyers taking delivery of 95,671 Porsche models. For comparison, 70,025 units were delivered to the United States and 86,160 in Europe.

What did surprise us is Porsche’s third best-selling model. Instead of the 911, the sports car has been outsold by the brand’s electric sedan – the Taycan. Sales of the EV more than doubled compared to 2020, with 41,926 units delivered. While Porsche says sales of the 911 increased compared to last year at 38,464 units, it’s not enough to beat the Taycan. Rounding up the sales figures are the Panamera and the 718 Cayman/Boxster, with 30,220 and 20,502 units sold, respectively.

Electric Porsche Taycan outsells 911 in 2021 image

“Demand remains high and our order books are looking very robust, so we start 2022 full of momentum and confidence in all regions of the world,” said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG.

Porsche further adds that around 40% of units sold in Europe were plug-in hybrids or pure electric vehicles. “The overall result is very promising and shows the strategy to further electrify our fleet is working and is in line with demand and the preferences of our customers,” added von Platen.

Considering how often we see Porsches in the country, we’re curious how many units were sold in the Philippines last year.