Suspect in road rage incident who sideswiped Angkas rider & passenger could face attempted murder charge

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media after a driver of an MPV sideswiped an Angkas rider and their passenger due to an alleged verbal altercation on the road between the two. Both the motorcycle rider and the Angkas passenger sustained injuries after the incident.

While it seems the MPV driver was able to get away scot-free, traffic constables of the MMDA were able to apprehend the suspect minutes after the incident took place in the southbound lane of EDSA-Santolan. The 53-year-old suspect is now under the custody of the PNP and is awaiting charges.

Now, Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Assistant Secretary Atty. Vigor D. Mendoza II has ordered the preventive suspension of the suspect's driver's license after failing to control his anger and sideswiping the victims.

A show-cause order has already been issued against the driver of the MPV to explain his side on violations of the Republic Act 4136 he committed, namely; Reckless Driving (Section 48), Duty of a driver in case of accident (Section 55), and Improper Person to Operate a Vehicle (Section 27-a).

LTO suspends license of road rage driver who sideswiped Angkas rider, passenger image

Based on local reports by the police, the incident started when the Angkas rider supposedly cut in the way of the MPV being driven by the suspect. The report also mentioned that the driver of the MPV got mad after nearly hitting the motorcycle and became more furious at the rider when he ignored the suspect's verbal warnings. This ultimately led to the MPV driver sideswiping the Angkas motorcycle, causing injuries to the motorcycle rider and the passenger.

Mendoza has already tasked the LTO-NCR to conduct further investigation into the matter in order to get the side of the driver and the motorcycle rider in the spirit of due process. However, Mendoza added that the driver could also be charged with attempted murder given the gravity of the incident and the intention of the suspect to harm those riding on the motorcycle.

It's a given that unruly motorists are everywhere. But we always have to remember to drive defensively and never let our emotions/temper get in the way. It's also never a good idea to put justice into our hands.