Slight rollback for gas, big price drop for diesel

After two weeks of mixed fuel price adjustments, this week will see all motorists get more fuel for less money on their next top up.

Oil players have announced starting tomorrow, November 22, diesel will roll back by PHP 2.15 per liter. Kerosene will also drop by PHP 2.10 per liter, while gasoline has a slight price cut at PHP 0.40 per liter.

Rollback: Gas, diesel price drops by PHP 0.40, PHP 2.15 image

Cleanfuel stations will slash pump prices as early as 12:01 AM tomorrow, while Shell stations will reflect the latest price adjustments by 6:00 AM. Expect other oil players to adjust the same amounts once they make their advisories later in the day.

The actual rollback for gasoline was lower than the expected figures from last week's estimates due to a last-minute bump in the final trading day, while the diesel rollback was indeed projected to be above the PHP 2 mark. But nevertheless, this week ends the two-week streak where gasoline jumped by PHP 2.30 per liter, while the rollback streak continues for diesel.

In case you still have plenty left in the tank, tomorrow and the rest of the week should hurt less on the wallets thanks to the scheduled price adjustments.