Both gasoline and diesel prices to drop tomorrow October 25

Good news motorists! After experiencing two consecutive weeks of fuel price hikes, oil companies will be rolling back fuel prices starting tomorrow, October 25. But unlike the significant rollbacks, this week's price decrease will only be minimal.

Oil players will roll back gasoline prices at PHP 0.35 per liter while diesel prices will go down by PHP 1.10 per liter. Also receiving a price decrease is kerosene which will get a PHP 0.45 per liter rollback.

Rollback: Gas, diesel to go down PHP 0.35 and PHP 1.10 image

Companies such as Cleanfuel, Seaoil, Shell, and Petrogazz have already announced that they will make price adjustments on October 25. Shell, Seaoil, and PetroGazz will lower fuel prices starting at 6:00 AM tomorrow. On the other hand, Cleanfuel will make price adjustments as early as 12:01 AM.

Other oil players have yet to release announcements regarding the scheduled oil price rollbacks tomorrow. However, expect them to make similar bulletins later in the day about the fuel price adjustments tomorrow, October 25.

Rollback: Gas, diesel to go down PHP 0.35 and PHP 1.10 image

If you still have some fuel left in the tank, you better make the most out of it before filling it up tomorrow. While the price decrease will not be as big, a rollback is still a rollback. Hopefully, fuel prices will continue to go down despite OPEC+'s scheduled reduction of oil production by 2 million barrels per day next month.