Probably one of the most iconic aftermarket wheels next to the Volk Racing TE37 would be the Spoon SW388. Built by Desmond Wheels back in the 90's, it was a lightweight alumnium forged wheel, which suited the likes of the Honda Civic's of the era. However unlike the TE37 which continues on today, the SW388 along with the Desmond Regamaster wheel line up was discontinued some years back.

Now, Spoon Sports will once again be bring back the iconic 5-spoke wheels. Posted on the official Spoon Sports USA Instagram account, they announced the SW388 will be re-released in a couple weeks. The Japanese aftermarket shop will also be offering new sizes to meet the size requirements of newer Hondas built today.

Spoon Sports brings back the lightweight SW388 wheel

The first batch of SW388's to be released will only be available in 18x8.5 +45 sizing and 5x114.3 bolt pattern. This size and bolt pattern were specifically chosen to match the standard Civic models currently available in most markets. As of writing, no other sizes have yet been made available. Furthermore, no official price has been released. However, the post did say expect it cost in the 'mid/high $3000 US range' for a set. Pre-orders will be available as soon as the official price is released.

Much like the earlier version of the SW388 which was made by Desmond Wheels, the new ones will also be machine forged. It will now be produced in Japan instead of Russia, where the old Desmond Wheels were previously made.

With Spoon Sports already re-releasing the iconic SW388, we can only hope they also produce more custom parts (i.e. gauge clusters) for the newer Civic models; bringing classic Honda tuning style into 2017.