Even car companies get influenced by Initial D

We've seen Toyota's take on doing a proper sports car commercial. Now it's Subaru's tuning arm, STI, doing something very unique with the BRZ.

STI CarToon on YouTube is promoting STI products for the BRZ with an Initial D-inspired commercial, showing the rear-wheel-drive sports car navigating through a mountain pass, just like Fujiwara Takumi doing his tofu deliveries with his AE86.

The BRZ shown in the video is based on the STI performance concept which was first seen at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, sporting a body kit that consists of an additional chin splitter in front, as well as aerodynamic fins for the side skirt and rear bumper. As per the STI Japan website, the BRZ also has a fixed dry carbon rear spoiler.

Inside the engine bay, the BRZ's flexible front V bar was also shown with the rear flexible draw stiffener to increase chassis rigidity. Lastly, the look was finished with the STI Performance muffler.

Toyota used live action for the GR86, while Subaru went the Initial D way. Both commercials are equally far from the usual car ads. So who did the Toyobaru sports car commercial better? Let us know in the comments.