Toyota USA pokes fun at traditional car ads

Well, there's one thing we know now. Gazoo Racing isn't around to impress executives. They're here for the loyal enthusiasts' excitement.

Toyota USA's latest commercial of the 2022 GR86 called “The Focus Group” is a follow-up to the previous “The Pitch” ad starring the GR Supra. Both commercials made fun of traditional car marketing where old executives pitch conservative ideas while the creative team comes up with something out of the box.

Each proposal gets shown to an audience, and obviously, the individuals were far more entertained with the stunts performed by Toyota Gazoo Racing drivers Frederic Aasbø, Ken Gushi, and Jhonnattan Castro. But that's not to say we were not informed of the GR86's new features, as the new 2.4-liter engine was mentioned together with the 6-speed manual and backup camera.

Toyota shows us how to do a proper GR86 commercial image

The commercial had the all-new GR86 drifting and even flying on a mall complex, and later on, it was joined by two Formula Drift-spec GR Supras for more sideways action.

Of course, the fun did not stop without a little twist in the end. Executives wanted to form a V showing off the whole GR family. But how will they do that if there are only two Gazoo Racing models offered in the USA? Well, surprise, surprise. Enter the GR Corolla.

Toyota shows us how to do a proper GR86 commercial image

It's not the first time Toyota gave a teaser of the upcoming GR hot hatch. But with the car springing to life at the end, could this be a sign that the GR Corolla is close to an official launch? Let us know what you think in the comments.