Subaru aiming to have a 50/50 share of sales between HEVs and EVs

Subaru is looking to launch more electric vehicles (EVs) in the coming years as part of its shift to focus on electrified and zero-emissions vehicles. During a review of its STEP Mid-Term Management Vision, the automaker revealed its electrification plan update for 2028 and 2030.

Before, Subaru's plan for 2030 was to have an equal 40% share of global sales between EVs and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Now, that has been changed to 50% for both HEVs and EVs. This is in response to market changes in which more and more customers are switching to electrified vehicles.

Subaru wants to have 8 electric vehicles by 2028 image

Subaru announced they will begin in-house production in 2025 with dedicated EV production lines around 2027 to meet these targets. In addition, the automaker also announced the production of EVs in the US will start around 2027.

The expansion and growth will be complemented by a massive JPY 1.5 trillion (or PHP 578.9 billion) investment by around 2030. There will also be a JPY 250 billion (or PHP 96.5 billion) investment for domestic production reorganization to cater to more EVs.

Subaru wants to have 8 electric vehicles by 2028 image

By the end of 2026, Subaru plans to have four EV SUVs (including the Solterra) and another four electric models by the end of 2028 – resulting in a total of 8 electric models for Subaru in the future.

Aside from pushing for more EVs, Subaru also announced they are in talks with Panasonic Energy to build a medium- to long-term partnership to meet demand for EVs and automotive batteries.

Subaru wants to have 8 electric vehicles by 2028 image

Subaru and Panasonic Energy will hold discussions with plans for Panasonic Energy to supply Subaru with next-generation automotive cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. In addition, Subaru is looking to install batteries purchased from Panasonic Energy in BEVs to be produced from the latter half of the 2020s at its sites.

With Subaru pushing ahead to make more EVs, we won't be surprised to see more fully-electric models from the automaker beyond the Solterra.