Toyota Motor PH revamps used car program with T-Sure

According to Toyota Motor Philippines, the estimated market for used cars are up to 1.5 times bigger than brand-new cars. With more and more people going into vehicle ownership, second-hand cars are indeed much lower-priced than brand-new units, so they are ideally more attainable.

However, there's always an inherent risk when it comes to buying a second-hand car, as it's always a lottery when it comes to getting the true condition and history of pre-owned units, not to mention, transfer of ownership can be troublesome.

T-Sure: Toyota's enhanced worry-free second-hand car program image

This is where Toyota's T-Sure program steps in. Previously known as Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV), T-Sure essentially gives a “casa-like” experience when it comes to buying a second-hand car.

So how does T-Sure provide that brand-new car shopping experience to second-hand car buyers? Well, they do it in a number of ways. First of all, T-Sure has a systematic operation for assessing, refurbishing, pricing, certification, and warranty to ensure the quality of vehicle condition of every unit.

T-Sure: Toyota's enhanced worry-free second-hand car program image

T-Sure units undergo a strict 211-point inspection to make sure they are in tip-top shape. And when they're not, the units are refurbished with paint and body works, preventive maintenance services using genuine Toyota parts, and a full premium detailing job.

Afterwards, the T-Sure units are classified into three types of products, placing them at varied price points to better fit customers’ needs and budget – namely Toyota Certified Elite, Toyota Value Plus, and Toyota Value Lite.

T-Sure: Toyota's enhanced worry-free second-hand car program image

Certified Elite used vehicles are usually less than 5-year-old units with under 60,000 km on the clock. These units come with a 1-year warranty on the engine and transmission. Meanwhile, Value Plus vehicles are those less than 12 years old that have clocked less than 100,000 km. Units classified in this category come with a 3-month warranty on the engine and transmission. Lastly, the Value Lite vehicles are for the cost-conscious buyer. T-Sure considers cars 12 years and older with more than 100,000 km mileage under this product category.

Customers are assured of fair pricing via the T-Sure Used Car app which utilizes a built-in pricing tool showing the real-time price range of Toyota models depending on the quality level and market pricing. And for flexible payment terms, second-hand car buyers can avail of affordable financing schemes through Toyota Financial Services (TFS), offering a much-improved affordable package for all T-Sure vehicles. T-Sure offers longer payment terms and expanded coverage up to 9-year-old vehicles.

T-Sure: Toyota's enhanced worry-free second-hand car program image

In addition, T-Sure also takes care of the transfer of ownership to the buyer. Not to mention, competitive packages from Toyota Insure and After Sales Service, tailor-fit to the needs of pre-owned car customers, may be availed on top of the purchased T-Sure unit.

With T-Sure, TMP basically eliminates the uncertainties that come with purchasing second-hand cars, ensuring buyers they have their hard-earned money's worth.