Remember when Lego (accidentally?) leaked what appeared to be the all-new Defender in brick form? Well it looks like another leak of the next-generation 4x4 has surfaced on the internet.

However, this is not your typical leak where we get to see almost its entirety in the metal. Instead, this latest leak shows the signature side profile of the Defender albeit in digital form. While that may sound like insignificant, this leak was actually shot from inside the Defender itself.

New Land Rover Defender leak image

If the image is to be believed, what we’re looking at is the digital instrument panel of the next-gen Defender which also shows a render of the 4x4 in the middle of the cluster. Based on this image alone, it’s safe to say that the new Defender will indeed retain a boxy design like its predecessor.

Also worth mentioning about the Defender is that it looks like it has a white-painted roof, along with what could be a sunroof at the back. This could mean that the Defender can come with all sorts of color combinations, as well as an optional partial glass roof. Meanwhile, a floating C-pillar gives the 4x4 a more modern look than before. A more rakish windshield, five-spoke alloys, and some flared wheel arches round up some of the Defender’s key exterior features.

If we compare this against a camouflaged prototype of the 4x4, the digital render appears to match with what Land Rover has been testing for quite awhile now. Hopefully the real thing doesn’t look too far off from what the digital display is showing.

New Land Rover Defender leak image

Aside from getting a good look at the Defender from the side, the prototype as seen here has a pretty high mileage of 15,409km. This means this particular unit has been busy racking up some data for testing and research & development purposes. In addition, the new Defender may also have a pretty high top speed as this one appears to be capable of going over 200 km/h based on the speedometer.

The all-new Defender will supposedly make its global debut on September 5, 2019, with a PH-reveal set for around Q1 of 2020.

Source: Instagram - landroverphotoalbum