744 HP and only 1,200 kg

Someone in the Land Down Under has gone bonkers with the classic Mitsubishi Lancer Boxtype.

While most enthusiasts would prefer to do restoration projects with OEM parts, this particular example we've come across on social media has left us beaming with the amount of attention to detail, and the owner's particular choice of propulsion for the Boxtype.

This 2JZ-swapped Lancer Boxtype is scary awesome image

Inside out, the Lancer Boxtype looks totally showroom stock, complete with the “1800 GSR” emblem, the “Intercooler Turbo” on the side molding, and the large four-spoke steering wheel. However, once you notice the 275mm wide drag tires and the huge exhaust, it's only then you'll realize it's hiding a beast underneath its bonnet.

This 2JZ-swapped Lancer Boxtype is scary awesome image

And yes, once you pop that hood open, the engine bay is filled up by the 744 horsepower single-turbo Toyota 2JZ motor from an A80 Supra. It's interesting how the owner managed to shove an inline-six into an engine bay that normally is only occupied by an inline-four like a 4G63T. According to the post, the engine is even paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox coming from an A70 Supra.

In order to transmit that immense power to the rear wheels, the owner fitted a two-piece driveshaft that can handle up to 1000 horsepower. In addition, the owner shoved in a diff from a Toyota Hilux. But despite all that, the Lancer Boxtype still only weighs 1200 kg. We can only imagine how much stress the chassis undergoes whenever that 2JZ is launched on full tilt.

This 2JZ-swapped Lancer Boxtype is scary awesome image

Interestingly, the 2JZ-swapped Boxtype is not so much a bespoke build, as the owner says there are two to three other examples built with this setup. Currently, the car is on sale in Australia for AUD 76,000 (PHP 2.9 million).

As the owner said himself, not everyone will be a fan of this build, especially the purists. But for those who like to do things differently, this 2JZ-swapped Lancer Boxtype is as good as it gets.