Is this the fastest GR Yaris so far?

When Toyota introduced the GR Yaris in 2020, it was effectively a road-going rally car. The hot hatchback was homologated for the World Rally Championship (WRC), after all. While it does pack 272 horsepower from its turbocharged inline-three, straight-line speed was never the GR Yaris' main point. However, the guys at Ekanoo Racing in Bahrain had a different goal for the GR Yaris – drag racing.

EKanoo Racing recently built the fastest GR Yaris to run the drag strip. They're the first in the world to do a 10-second quarter-mile pass in the three-cylinder hot hatchback, albeit only just. Specifically, the Ekanoo Racing was able to clock a 10.98-second pass at 200 km/h. It's impressive considering the vehicle still had a full interior and was running street tires. Apart from having the fastest GR Yaris, the company claims their demo car is the first three-cylinder turbo car in the world to run 10s.

The tuner hasn't released the complete list of modifications for the 10-second GR Yaris. We only know that it runs a Motec M142 ECU, an Eventuri intake, a larger turbo, a custom exhaust, and an oversized intercooler. However, a previous video does show the vehicle on the dyno producing 519 wheel horsepower and 587 Nm of torque. That's almost double the numbers the GR Yaris produced from the factory.

EKanoo Racing isn't the only tuner building a fast GR Yaris for the drag strip. Motive DVD in Australia is also vying for the title. For those interested, the tuner has documented the build of their GR Yaris through their YouTube Channel.

Given how popular the GR Yaris is in the Philippines, we won't be surprised to see a few units competing at drag racing events in the future. We wonder, though, if anyone here would like to challenge the 10-second time of EKanoo Racing.