Toyota PH has sold over 2 million models since 1988

The biggest automaker in the country is celebrating an important milestone this year - they just turned 35.

From its humble 20-member staff, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) started in 1988. It was founded by the late Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda (Toyota Motor Company Honorary Chairman) and the late Dr. George S.K. Ty (Metrobank Group Founding Chairman).

TMP started making cars at the Bicutan plant before moving vehicle production to a much bigger location, the Santa Rosa Plant nine years later. That is where the company makes the Innova and the Vios, and soon the 2024 Tamaraw.

Sales of TMP hit half a million units by 2007, and in just eight years (2015), it doubled to 1 million units. As of last year, TMP has achieved cumulative sales of 2,240,000 units over thirty-five years, which firmly gives them a 50% market share in the Philippines. 

Toyota celebrates 35th anniversary in PH image

Local production of TMP has been just as good. The Santa Rosa plant achieved a cumulative production of 500,000 units in 2015 before it doubled to more than 1 million by 2022. Along with the Innova and the Vios, starting next year, the Tamaraw – also known as the IMV 0 Concept – for the first time, will be produced as a CBU. It represents an additional investment of PHP 4.4 billion by TMC to the country. But vehicles are not the only things TMP makes locally. Since 1992, it has produced over 6.5 million transmissions at an export value of 2.9 billion dollars, which is equal to 200 thousand units of CBU vehicles.

Currently, the local sales volume is Toyota's 10th highest in the entire world, which is no small feat for a tiny archipelago like ours.

Through 35 years, TMP has cumulatively invested PHP 73.7 billion (since 2000), paid duties and taxes of PHP 448 billion, and exported USD 18.76 billion worth of auto parts and components (since 1997). Today, TMP has 3,742 employees, not counting the more than 71,000 people working for its various dealers and suppliers.

Toyota celebrates 35th anniversary in PH image

As part of the 35th anniversary celebration, TMC Chairman Akio Toyoda arrived in the country and visited the Santa Rosa, Laguna plant to commemorate the company's milestone. TMP donated a total of 35 vehicles to the Office of the President, in which Toyoda led the ceremonial turnover and handed the keys to President Marcos. 

“Along with our suppliers and partners, I especially want to thank our Filipino customers for supporting us as they have. As we look ahead, I want to assure you that the future of Toyota Philippines is very bright and only going to get brighter. Ladies and gentlemen, we may not share the same rivers and mountains, but we share the same sun and sky and the same wish for harmony and happiness. So, as we enjoy this special occasion today, let's make sure to celebrate what matters most: our friendship and our partnership. Because together everything is possible. Thank you very much,” said Akio Toyoda, TMC Chairman.

“Today, Dr. Toyoda and Dr. Ty are no longer with us. So tonight, on behalf of Mr. Akio Toyoda, Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, and myself we renew the promise of our fathers to be of service to the Filipino nation―to persist in building ever better cars, continue creating mobility for all, and keep winning the smile of every Filipino,” said Alfred Ty, TMP Chairman.