Order books temporarily suspended in Japan

If you're in the market for a luxurious full-size SUV like the Toyota Land Cruiser, you are one of many.

Yes the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is a global smash hit. Many people, including local customers in the country, want (and some are already waiting) to get their hands on the newest iteration of Toyota's 4x4 icon.

Toyota hits pause on orders for Lexus LX, LC300 units image

However, parts supply shortages due to lockdowns and other health concerns continue to hamper Toyota's production lines from gaining full strength. And as demand continues to outgrow Toyota's output, the Japanese auto giant has now temporarily suspended orders of the LC300 in Japan along with its Lexus cousin: the LX.

Both Japanese websites of Toyota and Lexus echoed the same statements that saywe have received orders that greatly exceed our production capacity, so we are currently suspending orders”.

Toyota hits pause on orders for Lexus LX, LC300 units image

With that in mind, we immediately talked to some local Toyota dealerships if they have also suspended the order books for the LC300 and the Lexus LX, and all of them have answered they're still taking orders as of now.

It doesn't mean that will remain the case in the coming months. If Toyota has had to close the order books temporarily in their home market, then it's a foregone conclusion that other markets will follow suit. International markets all get these units from the same factory. 

Why accept more orders if you can't supply, right?