Toyota also tops the list in the Philippines

It's one thing to sell a lot of cars, but it's another thing to keep people interested in a brand. Apparently, Toyota has managed to do both.

Sales numbers reveal that Toyota is the world's best-selling car brand. Now, internet analytics results say they are also the most searched on the internet. This information is according to Compare The Market, which has compiled Google Trends data for 2022 and revealed the Japanese manufacturer as the brand that people are most interested in.

Toyota is world's most searched car brand in 2022 study image

Toyota is the most searched car brand in 69 out of 155 countries included in the research, accounting for 44.5% of total searches. The brand is up 31% from the 2021 results, showing how far behind Toyota left its competitors.

In the Philippines alone, Toyota has topped the list ahead of Honda and Suzuki. From a global perspective, the brand has held its lead and even left its competition behind compared to last year's results. Toyota's closest competitor in the world is BMW and Mercedes, who topped the list in 36 and 10 countries, respectively.

Toyota is world's most searched car brand in 2022 study image

According to Compare The Market, one of the reasons why interest has remained high for Toyota could be because of the several models they introduced last year. Moreover, while other car brands have promised to go completely electric in the near future, Toyota continues to provide a variety of powertrains – including combustion engines that run on hydrogen.

With the brand's direction proving to be a popular one, we won't be surprised if they manage to hold their lead in the coming years.