House of Fruitas trusts the Lite Ace FX for its business needs

The Toyota Lite Ace FX is now on duty to enhance the daily operations of food and beverage services brand House of Fruitas.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has announced through its dealer Toyota Makati Inc., (TMI), the company will be allocating 3 of its first batch of Lite Ace FX units to House of Fruitas. These 3 units will be utilized to mobilize people, equipment, and raw materials efficiently within Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

With its capacity, size, and safety features, the all-new Toyota Lite Ace perfectly fits the business model of the House of Fruitas --- having to navigate through the busy streets of the metro and delivering to over 700 stores around the country. The size of the Lite Ace can easily maneuver throughout the city without any challenges while transporting goods and people with ease. The Lite Ace is also a budget-friendly vehicle while having low maintenance costs which makes it perfect to serve and assist the needs of budding businesses like the House of Fruitas.

Toyota Lite Ace FX is House of Fruitas' mobility choice image

Throughout the decades, Toyota has always provided high-quality, reliable yet affordable vehicles in the country making it the leading mobility company in the Philippines. House of Fruitas, which has over 30 brands and 700 profitable stores nationwide has always been a customer of the auto brand because of the reliability and efficiency it brings to the company.

“A lot of our customers rely on us to provide them with high-quality products that are clean, convenient and served fresh daily while ensuring price affordability. In order to do this, we also need reliable partners like Toyota for us to operate smoothly on a daily basis” said Lester C. Yu, founder and CEO of House of Fruitas.

Aside from the FX, which is perfect as a people transport vehicle, the All-New Lite Ace is also available in Pickup, Panel Van, and Cargo variants—perfect for various businesses’ specific mobility needs. Pickup is an open bed unit for fast and flexible loading; Panel Van comes with a sliding enclosure for more secure cargo transport; while the Cargo best fits transportation of dry goods and other materials.

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