Toyota reassures Raize owners and customers in the Philippines

Yesterday we caught wind of a rather serious recall involving the Toyota Raize and the Daihatsu Rocky. Both models are very closely related and are both built by Toyota in Indonesia.

It has been discovered that some units of both models have a problem when it comes to welding, specifically on the shock tower in front. Images from various Indonesian auto websites show that the welds are improper, and can result in a very dangerous failure where the top of the shock mount can shear off.

Toyota PH: 2022 Raize units not hit by weld recall image

The recall in Indonesia spans 14,777 units of the Toyota Raize made from November 2020 to October 2021, while it was found that 9,378 units of the Daihatsu Rocky are affected.

The big question for us: Are Philippine-market Toyota Raize units affected by the recall? Will Toyota Motor Philippines have to recall (using the euphemism special service campaign) Raize units back do dealers to fix an issue?

The short answer is no; local customers do not have to worry about such a problem with the Raize. Toyota's statement is as follows:

Toyota Raize units introduced in the Philippines are not involved in this specific campaign. Toyota customers who would like to verify if their car is part of any recent service campaign may check online via

Toyota didn't elaborate further other than mention that local Raize units are of a later batch, meaning built after October 2021. The vehicle was launched in the Philippine market just over a month ago in early February 2022. By then, the vehicles arriving in the Philippine market have undergone the correct welding process.

In the last few years, Indonesian-made Toyota units from Daihatsu have experienced issues that prompted a recall (special service campaign). Toyota has had to recall the Rush for an airbag trigger issue, and the Rush and Avanza for the wider Denso fuel pump recall. Such issues have been related to parts suppliers and not manufacturing like the one involving the Raize in Indonesia.

Recalls are a normal part of the auto industry, and shows that automakers are working to address any issues that may have been missed. Hopefully this will give Raize owners the reassurance that their vehicles are safe.

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