Don't over pay for your local LC300 unit

If you’re planning to buy a brand new Land Cruiser 300 from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), expect to wait a bit before your unit arrives. Apart from very high demand around the world, the automaker is also facing supply issues with the SUV. Toyota did pause production of the Land Cruiser (along with the new LX) several times last year.

But, there is some good news from TMP. Dealers are not accepting or requiring extra charges for the new Land Cruiser for both reservations and purchases. In an announcement, the automaker reminds customers that the LC300 is being offered under one suggested retail price nationwide. That means no matter where you go, be it Toyota Isabela or Toyota Davao, the price of the SUV remains the same.

Toyota PH says no extra charges on Land Cruiser 300 image

The announcement was made to warn customers from overpaying for local Land Cruiser units or buying from resellers. For reference, TMP offers the Land Cruiser 300 VX at PHP 5,210,000, while the top-spec ZX costs PHP 5,672,000.

For those who can’t wait and want a new Land Cruiser 300 now, several gray market dealerships do have units of the SUV on hand. However, these are sold at a higher price, around PHP 1-2 million more than Toyota’s SRP. Remember, these vehicles don’t come with the same warranty as offered by TMP either so tread lightly. 

Like all other countries, customers in the Philippines will have to wait for a brand new Land Cruiser 300. But at least we can thank TMP  that prices will remain as they are and no one has to pay extra for theirs. Let’s hope the waiting list isn’t as bad as Japan’s four-year period.