Are you an owner of a Toyota Rush? If you are, then your vehicle could be included in a batch of units fitted with faulty airbags components. 

Toyota Indonesia has recently issued a recall for a large number of Rush models due to faulty airbags. According to reports, as much as 60,000 units of the Rush are affected by the issue. In particular, affected models were found to have an improperly programmed airbag control module which could cause the side curtain airbags to accidentally deploy even when the vehicle is not in an accident.

According to a contact within Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), even local units of the Rush were affected with the faulty airbag issue. At the moment, we are still uncertain which models will be a part of the recall. 

In case you didn't know, airbags are only meant to deploy in case of an accident. Having an airbag go off without an accident can cause injuries to occupants. The last thing you'd want to experience is an airbag activating because you hit a pothole.

Since local units were affected, do expect TMP to issue a statement very soon regarding which specific chassis numbers or VINs of the Rush were included. We will update you as soon as we have more information regarding the issue and official word from TMP themselves.