UK company has kits to convert all ’61 Jaguar E-Types to an EV

As pretty as the Jaguar E-Type is, it really is not the most practical sports car out there. The Series 1 and 2 used an inline-six engine with either a 3.8-liter or 4.2-liter displacement. If you own a Series 3, we’re talking about a 5.3-liter V12. Good luck with the fuel mileage, not to mention the amount of emissions you’re spewing with every step on the throttle.

Well, put your concerns away because a UK company has announced that they have built a kit for all three versions of the Jaguar E-Type that converts its propulsion source from an internal combustion engine to a fully electrified system.

The company is called Electrogenic Limited, and it offers two conversion options for E-Type owners so they can choose the type of performance and drivability to suit their preference.

Turn your Jaguar E-Type into an EV with this kit image

Drivers who prefer a manual gearbox get the TorqX-310 350V electric motor bolted directly onto the original gearbox so the power goes to the rear wheels using a clutch and all the gears.

Owners who seek ease of use from their E-Type must choose the high-voltage system with a fixed reduction drive. This design gets a TorqX-310x 350V motor with an additional 30kW of power and a 2.35:1 or 2.7:1 fixed in-line reduction gear final drive. The higher reduction gives it faster acceleration with a slightly lower top speed. 

Battery pack options are 41 or 62kWh.  All converted E-Type units will return 3 miles/kWh or 4.8 kilometers/kWh.

Turn your Jaguar E-Type into an EV with this kit image

You are probably wondering how much power will it get. The answer varies depending on the E-Type model. The E48s and E62 get 204 PS, while the E43 has 163 PS. Torque (at the prop shaft) is 620 Nm for the E43 and E62, while the E48s are at 840 Nm. Note that once it gets to the wheels, that number will come down to nearly half. That means those output numbers will be 66 PS and roughly 74 Nm less than the model with an internal combustion engine but think about how smooth the zero-emissions drive will be.

Each kit is designed to keep the E-Type’s driving dynamics intact. The batteries fit under the bonnet and snugly against the rear axle where the fuel tank and spare wheel are located. 

The driving range depends on the model. The E43 can go for around 240 km on a full charge, the E48s around 257 km, and the E62 can travel more than 320 km. Additional batteries can be installed to increase range, but note that it could upset the balance of the car.

Turn your Jaguar E-Type into an EV with this kit image

Electrogenic Limited ships the kit anywhere in the world, but they advise that only trained specialists install it. If you are unsatisfied with the results, the company says that the installation is fully reversible, so you can bring your beloved E-Type back to its original state.

While purists may find the idea of converting an E-Type Jaguar into an EV, this conversion kit by Electrogenic Limited is one of the few ways to keep a classic Jag on the road for years to come.