After being revealed as a concept five years ago, VW to officially launch the I.D. Buzz EV

Five years ago, Volkswagen wowed everyone when they launched the I.D. Buzz Concept. Revealed during the 2017 North American International Auto Show, the I.D. Buzz Concept essentially previewed a stylish all-electric people carrier.

But what really grabbed our attention was its retro styling that appeared to have been inspired by the much-loved Type II Kombi, aka the Hippie Van. But ever since the concept was revealed, there appears to have been little to no updates regarding its planned production.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz EV to be revealed on March 9 image

All of that changes today after Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess announced that it’s set to be revealed this March. Diess confirmed this when he posted a teaser video on Twitter of the upcoming EV in digital sketch form.

While the CEO did not exactly mention the I.D. Buzz by name, it’s clear that the vehicle being teased in the video is the production version of the upcoming electric van. With that, it’s clear that the production version will look similar to that of the concept’s original design. More importantly, Volkswagen was bang on when they said that it will be revealed in 2022 after first announcing it back in 2017.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz EV to be revealed on March 9 image

Based on some spy photos, the I.D. Buzz will indeed remain faithful to the concept’s design. From its distinct shape, the generous amount of windows, and stylish front and rear ends, the electric people carrier will not disappoint in the looks department. We have yet to see pictures of its interior, though we can expect Volkswagen to tone down the design of the cabin.

The exact specifications of the vehicle have yet to be revealed. But there are rumors going around that it could be available with up to 400 PS, as well as an all-wheel-drive system. Should those be true, then we won’t be surprised to see the I.D. Buzz come with more than just one electric motor, as well as a high-capacity battery pack.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz EV to be revealed on March 9 image

With the global reveal just two months away, expect Volkswagen to release more teasers and details about the all-new I.D. Buzz. If ever Volkswagen Philippines decides to offer EVs in the country, we certainly hope they offer the I.D. Buzz in the future.