ID.7 GTX to premiere at IAA Mobility show in September 2023

Last month, Volkswagen introduced the 2024 ID.7 EV sedan and wants to impress with its rated maximum range. Now the German brand wants to impress in terms of performance with the same car. Albeit, a hotter one.

Volkswagen teases hotter GTX version of 2024 ID.7 EV sedan image

Volkswagen has previewed the high-performance version of the all-electric sedan called the ID.7 GTX. If Mercedes-Benz has AMG and BMW has M for its performance vehicles, then Volkswagen has the GTX for its performance EVs.

For now, Volkswagen only showed pictures focused on the ID.7 GTX's LED lights and side mirrors. But since the EV sedan is now part of the GTX family, it receives a red and black two-tone paint job. While VW did not show the interior, the brand says the cabin likewise gets red contrast stitching.

Volkswagen teases hotter GTX version of 2024 ID.7 EV sedan image

Also, unlike the standard ID.7, the GTX version will have a dual motor, all-wheel-drive setup, which will definitely give the sedan more power. However, while The Pro S variant of the ID.7 has a 282 horsepower motor and can travel up to 615 kilometers on a single charge, we reckon the GTX could have a shorter range since the large batteries have to provide juice to two electric motors.

Volkswagen is set to launch the ID.7 GTX at the IAA Mobility in Munich on September 5 to 10, 2023.

In the Philippines, Volkswagen has not yet introduced EVs, let alone hybrids in the market. However, we've seen gray market importers bring in a few units of Volkswagen EVs in the country, which only means there's demand for the German brand's EVs here.