SM Pampanga's drive-in cinema opens July 31

What do some couples do when they go out for a movie? If you said, “uhhh...stuff?”, then you're not alone. The thing is, the whole social distancing thing doesn't make that possible these days. You can't do anything with your special someone when you're a seat apart, can you?

But if you head to SM Pampanga, you'll be able to go to the movies the old way: right beside your date and doing other things aside from watching the film. That's been made possible (again) because the mall will be opening a drive-in cinema. Just like the old days, indeed.

The drive-in cinema opens on July 31, 2020, and will be at the SM Pampanga Amphitheater. From the comfort of your car, you and your date can sit back, relax, have a little fun, and maybe glimpse at the screen from time to time. You can also watch the movie while holding hands with your special someone if that's your cup of tea.

Of course, the drive-in cinema experience isn't limited to couples as it can be fun for the whole family too. Bring your wife or husband, and your kids, pile in some snacks and spend the next two hours (or more) watching the latest blockbuster.

We are curious how you'll get to pick a slot in the drive-in theater. Will you choose the slot from an app or do it at the theater itself? We'd also like to see how you'll buy food there because we all know that it is nearly impossible to go through an entire movie without nibbling on something. Still, this idea from SM Pampanga is certainly a novel one, and it's something worth trying out if you find you and your date (or your family) in San Fernando.