Electrikhana sees Block drift around Mexico City

It's been almost a year since we've heard about the sudden passing of Ken Block in a snowmobile accident, and we remember the Gymkhana star through his insane vehicles and stunts over the years.

Months before his death, however, Block was somewhere in Mexico City doing what he does best – Hooning. That's what we found out when Hoonigan Industries posthumously released Ken Block's Electrikhana Two on YouTube.

Electrikhana Two has all the makings of a season finale of a series you've been closely following. As usual, the order is maximum tire smoke and four-wheel drifts with the all-electric Audi S1 Hoonitron.

Before this video was released, we all thought we'd never see the Hoonitron again, but now it returned for the final time spinning its axles in different directions – something that Ken Block requested to the Audi Sport engineers.

Block started Electrikhana Two in a stadium before drifting his way to the business district and through the tunnels before upping the crazy scale in the Mexico City airport facility. In perhaps a fitting end to the series that raked in a billion YouTube views and inspired as many fans, Electrikhana Two came full circle by ending the way the very first Gymkhana video started – on an airport runway.

The credits then roll out showing highlights of Block's previous Gymkhana series videos, with a reminder at the end to Hoon responsibly.

Perhaps, the long weekend's a good time to binge-watch all of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos again.