LTO form asking for motorists’ LTMS Portal ID and password

A netizen has gone on social media to seek clarification from ‘IT experts’ regarding her encounter with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) during routine motor vehicle registration.

Claire David posted on Facebook yesterday a photo showing part of what looks like an LTO form for motor vehicle registration by business organizations. First, it asked for consent from the motorist to allow the LTO to use the company’s data to process the registration. Below were spaces to input the Client ID and Password of the motorist’s Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal.

Why is the LTO requiring motorists to bare LTMS Portal password? image

In over 24 hours, the post has received 31 comments and 62 shares. Most reactions were disbelief and anger toward the LTO. Several netizens called it a violation of the Data Privacy Act, while others tagged the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

Under the Data Privacy Act (RA 10173) and even the Cybercrime Prevention Act (10175), it is not illegal to require an individual to provide their password and other forms of personal information. What both laws consider a crime is accessing an account or acquiring data with the intent of committing offenses.

Either way, most people reuse passwords to avoid confusion, and sharing your password on a sheet of paper for other people to see is dangerous.

What do you think about this LTO requirement of getting your Client ID and Password to process your business’ motor vehicle registration? Let us know in the comments below.