First images and details of China-made Ford Bronco revealed

Out of the many vehicles Ford has revealed for the past couple of years, there is one that immediately sticks out, the all-new Bronco. Serving as the Blue Oval’s direct answer to the Wrangler, the retro-inspired 4x4 SUV not only looks good but it has the tech & features to rival the Jeep. Did we mention it’s available in various variants, colors, and engine choices?

Sadly, Ford has yet to officially bring it here to the Philippines. While we may have already seen some units on the road, those are actually brought in by gray market dealers and not by Ford themselves. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles the Ford Bronco is facing is its high price in terms of being shipped from the US, as well as its high demand across the Pacific.

Will Ford PH import Bronco from China? image

However, we could get the Ford Bronco from somewhere much closer. Just recently, the first images and details of the 4x4 SUV for the Chinese market were released by the country’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology. That’s right, the Ford Bronco will also soon be made in the PRC via the Jiangling-Ford venture.

Production will begin sometime in 2024 but based on the specs the government agency has released, the PRC-spec Bronco will only come as a four-door SUV (the US market can get it as a two-door SUV). Size-wise, the Ford Bronco for the Chinese market will measure between 4800 - 4825mm long, 2070mm wide, and 1990mm tall, and will have a 2950mm wheelbase. Compared to specifications, the wheelbase and width are carried over but the length and width are slightly different.

Will Ford PH import Bronco from China? image

As far as exterior changes go, there will be two different sets of bumpers and fender extensions for what looks to be two variants. The grille, meanwhile, carries both the Ford and Bronco branding whereas the US market version only gets the Bronco lettering for all to see. There are also clear reflectors as opposed to the amber-colored units for the USDM version, and the presence of Chinese letters on the tailgate.

Under the hood, the PRC-spec Bronco will be equipped with a locally-built 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. The engine produces 275 PS with 455 Nm of torque and will be mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Side-by-side with what the US gets, the China-made Bronco produces 30 PS less and it doesn’t get the 10-speed automatic.

Will Ford PH import Bronco from China? image

As mentioned earlier, the Bronco for the PRC will be made by Jiangling Ford which is also the same company that builds the Ford Territory (AKA Equator Sport) for the Philippine market. With China’s closer vicinity to the Philippines, could the Blue Oval actually source the Bronco from the PRC instead of all the way from the US?

While it may not adhere to the China-AFTA free trade (only engines with capacities below 1499cc are allowed), the fact that Ford Philippines already gets its vehicles from the PRC means there is a possibility. Combined with the fact that parts of the Bronco will also be made in China means getting parts for it could also be easier.

Do you think this presents as a nice opportunity for Ford to officially bring its Wrangler fighter to the country?