A new godzilla or a final edition R35?

In less than 24 hours, we could witness by far the biggest surprise of 2023, or it could turn out to be another refresh of an aging supercar slayer.

Nissan has announced they will be unveiling a “New Nissan GT-R” tomorrow, January 13. The big reveal will be broadcasted live on YouTube at 9:00 AM, Philippine time.

Indeed, the news comes as a surprise for many, as we haven't seen a spy shot or even some big marketing ploy about an all-new Nissan GT-R. This got us curious if Nissan will actually reveal an all-new model, or simply another update of the R35. The last time we checked, the current-generation R35 GT-R has been discontinued in Europe, UK and Australia due to emissions and engine noise restrictions.

While the R35 GT-R remains a mighty and capable supercar after receiving updates throughout the years, Nissan simply can't deny the fact that its platform is already 14 years old. Despite being an engineering marvel back in the day, the R35 GT-R at this time and age is quickly becoming outdated.

So what do you think it is gonna be? An all-new GT-R? Or perhaps a final edition R35? Let us know in the comments.