Ford PH confirms Bronco SUV is coming soon

Earlier today, dealer group AutoHub hinted that the Ford Bronco is on its way to the Philippines. In fact, one of the top management executives said that they are already accepting reservations.

With the 4x4 go-anywhere SUV seemingly on its way to the country, we were curious if AutoHub would be the sole importer of the Bronco or will Ford sell it in other dealerships.

Not long after we posted the news, we received official confirmation from the Blue Oval that the Bronco was indeed coming to the Philippines. No, we're not kidding, this news comes straight from Ford themselves.

In a brief statement, the company announced that the launch of the Bronco will happen this year. They added that reservations will be exclusively available via the Ford online reservation portal and will be supported by all Ford dealers nationwide. As for its specifications and opening of reservations, they will be shared closer to the launch date.

Yes, Ford PH will launch 2024 Bronco image

With Ford confirming the Bronco coming soon to PH dealerships, how much will the Bronco be sold and how many variants will be available in the country? Speaking with several insiders, we were able to get some information.

For starters, it will supposedly be launched around the middle of 2024 which means initial units might roll out between Q2 and Q3 of this year. A total of three variants will apparently be offered although the exact pricing has yet to be shared by our anonymous sources. Last but not least, only 300 units will reportedly be available nationwide for its initial arrival.

With a supposed launch around Q2 of this year, perhaps we might see the Bronco make its official debut at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed (and our eyes peeled) for any new information that we'll find.